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Kent/Medway Test

Year-Six children now know their Kent/Medway Test results and the search for secondary school is well underway. Around 4 out of 5 Kent children will get their first-choice secondary place and about 1 in 20 won’t get any of their choices. Whatever your situation, I wish you all the best in securing a place at the school of your choice.

It is a tricky time for those children whose scores were borderline in the Kent Test or just fell short of a pass. These results cannot be appealed directly with the examining board. Instead, you have to apply for a grammar school space anyway and then appeal against the school’s decision to turn you down if your child did not pass. This is a sensitive process and risks missing out on a brilliant non-grammar school place. It is a decision that must be considered and thought through well. Ask yourself honestly, as a child that scored borderline marks, will they be able to thrive at a grammar school or am you exposing them to unnecessary hard work – when they could be receiving a great education, and excelling, elsewhere?

Avoid this dilemma through calibrating your child’s attainment and direction of progress from your own independent data set. Use a tutor system that provides detailed and specific feedback on academic attainment to be clear on what your child is capable of. Contact us today to see how you we can help you succeed at school – grammar or otherwise!

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