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Our Approach

Parents come to us with children who have a variety of needs, so we have a variety of teaching methods and approaches! All of our tutors are trained to analyse a child’s approach to learning and we work with families to help our children reach a goal that they have set themselves.

We seek to improve a child’s learning experience, both at home and at school, so, as well as focussing on academic achievement, we also take the time to find out what ‘mental shift’ they may need to implement and then we help them to do this. This could be anything; working to give a nervous child the confidence to hazard an answer or teaching them the importance of open questions and how to ask them.

We work closely with all members of the family, not just with the children who are on their academic journey with us. From the first hello to the first parents meeting – everything down to the final goodbye.

Take a look at the infographic below to see what your child’s academic journey will look like before watching our videos below. We have a video for those little learners too!

We can help you and your child – watch the video above to see our system in action. It will talk you through our tutoring system, what teaching programme we use and also how we work with the entire family, not just with the student, to ensure we are a good fit for every member.

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Ready to start learning and having fun? Watch the video to see how our exercises and online games can help you at school and at home. Alongside your Maths and English lessons you will have access to a world of education, with 24/7 access to questions on a myriad of subjects!

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