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  • All staff will ensure the student grows to reach their individual potential.
  • All staff will be in receipt of a DBS certificate.
  • The chosen virtual classroom software must have a password access facility.
  • In invitation to the class must be sent to the attendee or parent of anyone under 18 years of age and must contain the following:
    1. Date, time and duration of the session.
    2. The name of the person holding the class.
    3. Request from adult to record the session.
    4. The link to the appropriate session.
  • The following rules are to be accepted by the attendee or parent if under 18 years old:
    1. The attendee must be fully and appropriately dressed.
    2. The attendee must be located in a family room. Not a bedroom.
    3. The attendee must have paper and pen/pencil to hand.
    4. The attendee must accept online requests given by the staff member.
  • On commencement of the virtual session, the staff member must start the recording and keep it live until the end of the session.
  • All staff will show respect to students.
  • All staff will respect the students religious and cultural beliefs.
  • All staff will use confidentiality where appropriate.
  • There will be no inappropriate physical contact between staff and students.
  • There will be no swearing or inappropriate comments between staff and students.
  • There will be no private messaging or communication on social media between staff and students.
  • All staff will behave in a professional manner and will not gift students with money, presents or favours or anything which could be seen as grooming behaviour.
  • All staff will take disclosures of abuse seriously. They will listen and record all information and pass it to a manager to deal with appropriately.

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