Effective date: 1 July 2020

Our Code of Conduct for online group lessons and tutor groups is to protect both tutors and pupils.

1.    All staff using this method must be in receipt of a DBS certificate.

2.    The chosen virtual classroom software must have a recording facility.

3.    The chosen virtual classroom software must have a password access facility.

4.    In invitation to the class must be sent to the attendee or parent of anyone under 18 years of age and must           contain the following:

a.    Date, time and duration of the session
b.    The name of the person holding the class
c.    Request from adult to record the session
d.    The link to the appropriate session

5.    The following rules are to be accepted by the attendee or parent if under 18 years old:

a.    The attendee must be fully and appropriately dressed.
b.    The attendee must be located in a family room e.g. not a bedroom
c.    The attendee must have paper and pen/pencil to hand
d.    The attendee must accept online requests given by the staff member

6.    On commencement of the virtual session, the staff member must start the recording and keep it live

       until the end of the session.

7.    During the session, a whiteboard or teaching documents may be used and shared with attendees. These             can be sent to attendees or parent of anyone under 18 years old.

8.    Recordings are to be kept after the session within a secure account.

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